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The Fantasy Music League Referral Program allows registered FML players to refer new players to the league, and be rewarded with referral points that can be redeemed for cash and/or merchandise.

Who can be members of the Referral Program?

Only players that have registered with the Fantasy Music League and have registered a label to compete in the Open League can take advantage of the FML Referral Program. Specifically, if you haven't paid to register a label for the season, you are not eligible for the referral program.

How does the Referral Program work?

Direct referrals: Players in the FML Referral program are given a special URL to share with their friends and to invite them to join the FML. When their friends use that referral URL to join the FML, and register for the league and pay their registration fee to compete in an Open League season, the referring Open League player is awarded 200 referral points.

Indirect referrals: The player will also be awarded points for every player that their referrals get to play the game. These second-level, or indirect, referrals are worth 100 referral points to the player (as well as 200 referral points to the player who directly invited the new player).

All points are awarded upon completion of the season. If you had an Open League label you will be awarded points for your direct and indirect referrals who also had Open League labels. If any of your direct referrals did not have an Open League label you will not receive any points for the indirect referrals below them. If you did not have an Open League label for the season you will not receive any points for your direct or indirect referrals.

Once players accrue the minimum payout level of 2,500 points, they may redeem their points for cash. All points are paid at the rate of $1.00 USD per 100 points. Points are not transferable and have no cash value until you reach the minimum payout level.

Players will not be awarded points if their referred players do not register a label in the Open League, if the player themselves are not registered in the Open League, or if the League Commission determines that the player used a form of spamming to attract players to the FML. The Player agrees that the FML Commission is the sole judge as to what might have been spamming activity, and agrees that the FML Commission is the sole judge as to what penalties are given for spamming. Currently, the League will dismiss players that spam, and those players will lose all accumulated referral points.