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You've got golden ears. You can pick a hit and smell a dog a mile away. You predicted the success of The Beatles, and knew that The Knack was a one-hit wonder. But you don't have an extra $70,000,000 to start and manage a record label? Not to worry - in the Fantasy Music League, we'll give you the virtual cash, let you manage a virtual label, and give you real cash and prizes if you do it better than anyone else.

The Fantasy Music League is an online game, created by David Lawrence, the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Net Music Countdown. It's a game that allows you, the player, to show how much you know about music, radio, the Internet and the artists that draw millions around the world to listen to and buy their music online. You create a fantasy record label, name it, and using a budget of $70,000,000, sign 10 artists to that label. Some artists have enjoyed a great deal of success and are very expensive to sign. Others are new to the business and are inexpensive to sign. The strategy is to research and listen to as many artists as you can, so as to determine their future commercial success, all while staying within your budget.

The object of the game is to earn more money with your 10 artists than any other label. The better your artists perform each week on the eTracks charts (those are the Net Music Countdown's official charts of music sales and streaming on the Internet), the more money your label will make. The players that have the highest revenues at the end of every 13-week season win their share of over $25,000 in cash and prizes.

The Fantasy Music League computers handle all the heavy lifting: allowing you to manage your labels, keeping track of the movements, up and down the charts, of the artists you select, and tracking the bonus money an artist can earn for you by being particularly successful. At the end of every week, the standings are calculated, artist switches are made, and the anticipation builds for the next week's eTracks chart release. Along the way, artists make news, gain fame, break hearts and blow reputations - and it all affects their sales and play online. It's your job to get the best artists you can on your label.

You can run more than one label, you can change artists on your label rosters at any time, and you're able to compete on a national and regional level, and even with your friends in a private league. And it's not enough to be expert in just one type of music: you have to pick 2 artists from 5 different music styles, or formats. This means if you're really into hip-hop or pop, you'll need to do a little research to find out what country artists are going to be right for you. And if you're into alternative rock, knowing what your aunt listens to on her adult hits station is going to be extremely important. But don't worry: we give you all the management resources you need: chart histories, song snippets to listen to, weekly stats, expert analysis, reviews, up to the minute news on your artists via the web, email and RSS and more.

As you read through these game play rules, we'll step you through the process of creating a Fantasy Music League Label. Once you register, you'll be able to choose your label's name, sign your artists and explore the vast database of news on each artist.