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This Frequently Asked Questions area will expand over time to include questions and answers of general interest to players and prospects (potential Label owners). Please refer to it frequently, and do check here for the answers to any questions you might have before writing the CFML Commissioner's office for assistance.


Q: Why do you require an email address for registration?
A: Much of the communication about the FML occurs via email. We need to be very sure that we've both gotten the right email address, so we created a confirmation loop before anything else can happen. David Lawrence, the FML Commissioner, is dedicated to a zero-spam policy, never knowingly sending email to someone not wanting to be involved in the FML. Testing that email address as a first step avoids any confusion in the future.

Q: What if my email address changes?
A: You can change your email address on the My Profile page. You will go through a similar confirmation loop with any email address you specify.

Q: How do I change my label's name?
A: You can change your label's name by choosing Edit Name for that label on the My Labels page.

Q: How do I associate myself with the Mini League of my favorite radio station or group?
A: Usually, you are automatically associated with the Mini League of the entity from which you came to the Fantasy Music League. This could be a radio station that carries the Net Music Countdown, or it could be an FML Partner. Occasionally, people come to the Fantasy Music League by simply arriving at our virtual front door, via a search engine or maybe word of mouth. At any time, you can click on My Leagues to confirm your choice of Mini League. Once you've made this choice, that association remains with that label for the life of the label, including rollovers.

Q: How do I delete a label?
A: You can delete a label at any time prior to the Roster Deadline of Week 1. Send a note to the Office of the Commissioner, and we will assist you.

Artist Switches

Q: When can I switch artists on my label's roster?
A: You can switch artists as many times as you like, free of charge, prior to the start of your Open League season, right up until the 12:00 noon PT Monday deadline of Week 1. You can also switch after that, any time you want. Each week, any switch you make prior to the Monday noon PT deadline will be effective immediately, and any switch made after Monday at noon PT will not be effective until after the Friday eTracks chart release for that week.

Q: When are new artists made available for signing or switching?
A: The moment the eTracks charts are released on Friday, at precisely noon PT, any new artists are also made available within their respective genres. You can make selections at that time.


Q: Why does the actual Artist Revenue not reflect the exact movement on the eTracks charts for my artists?
A: The Fantasy Music League adds a 10 percent bonus of the revenue reflected by the movement of artists, if any, in the top 20 slots on Radio and Records' and Billboard's charts for all of the genres in the game. This adds an element of influence similar to real world activities, where online music lovers are still somewhat influenced by traditional media. This is also done to help prevent any possibility that the game will be affected by any premature release of the eTracks chart data by a media partner.

Technical Difficulties

Q: I have a Macintosh. Will the FML work on Safari? What about other Mac browsers?
A: The Fantasy Music League is designed to be played on all browsers, whether on Windows, Macs, Linux boxes, even on PDA's and cell phones. If something doesn't work, we want to know about it.